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Los mejores lectores de libros electrónicos baratos en 2022

An e-book reader is a mobile electronic device that is undoubtedly an avid reader's delight, especially during a trip. 

Tableta Kobo Clara HD con pantalla de 6 pulgadas Paquete Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Lector electrónico Kobo Nia de 6 pulgadas con pantalla sin reflejos Lector electrónico resistente al agua Kobo Sage de 8 pulgadas
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Paquete Kindle Paperwhite Essentials
Tableta Kobo Clara HD con pantalla de 6 pulgadas
Lector electrónico Kobo Nia de 6 pulgadas con pantalla sin reflejos
Lector electrónico resistente al agua Kobo Sage de 8 pulgadas

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An e-book reader is a mobile electronic device that is undoubtedly an avid reader's delight, especially during a trip. 

  • It saves the reader from the hassle of carrying quite a few books with them.
  • Most e-book readers can accommodate a decent number of books in digital format. The biggest advantage of an e-book reader is that it is pretty compact, lightweight, and takes up very little space.
  • It bears a close resemblance to a tablet in terms of design. A basic reader displays content on an E Ink monochrome screen that gives you the same look and feel as reading a physical book. This also results in less strain on the eyes.

Moreover, you can change the brightness settings so you can read comfortably both in bright and dark environments. Most e-book readers come with Wi-Fi connection support so that you can connect to the Internet and download your favorite books from various sources. The list below gives you a few suggestions for some of the best cheap e-book readers you can buy if you are on a shoestring budget without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Los mejores lectores de libros electrónicos baratos

E-Reader que viene como una unidad bien empaquetada

Paquete Kindle Paperwhite Essentials

Available in three colors (fabric black, fabric lavender haze, and fabric deep sea blue), the Kindle Paperwhite boasts a sleek and stylish design that never feels outdated. 

This e-reader is being offered as a part of a packaged unit with an Amazon fabric cover and a power adapter. You would have bought a cover for the device anyway, so buying it as a packaged product and at a discounted rate makes sense.

The device features a 6.8-inch display screen that exudes a warm light whose brightness level can be adjusted easily. The screen is very responsive, and you realize that while skipping through the pages. The bezels are pretty thin, and holding or managing the device with your hands is not difficult. The device's battery lasts for close to 10 weeks on a single full charge. This device's durable and waterproof design ensures that it lasts for years.


  • An ideal option for those looking for an e-reader with multiple useful accessories.
  • También recomendado para aquellos que quieran invertir en un lector electrónico compacto que demuestre ser muy duradero.


  • Fuerte duración de la batería
  • Diseño impermeable
  • Pantalla receptiva
  • Estructura compacta y ligera


  • Ausencia de botones de cambio de página

E-Reader económico con soporte de almacenamiento interno de 8GB

Lector electrónico Kobo Nia de 6 pulgadas con pantalla sin reflejos

Kobo Nia features a sharp and responsive 6-inch wide display screen suitable for reading e-books. The 8GB of internal storage support is ideal for downloading and storing a bunch of e-books. 

The 212ppi screen has been built with glare-free technology and should appeal to those concerned about their eyesight being affected because of prolonged use. The device comes at an affordable price, contributing significantly to its widespread popularity.

The 1GHz i.MX 6 processor ensures that the device runs very fast and does not suffer from lag issues. Once charged optimally, the e-reader lasts for several weeks and does not need additional power support. Since the e-reader does not offer Bluetooth connectivity, it is not the best device to listen to audiobooks. It does not provide USB-C charging support either. Since it is not waterproof, you have to be careful while carrying it to outdoor locations.


  • If you have been looking for a compact and budget-friendly e-reader, this would be the ideal device to invest in.
  • The device is very responsive and comes with all the features you need to look for in an e-reader.


  • Precios moderados
  • Unidad de procesamiento rápido
  • Liviano y portátil
  • Pantalla de visualización sin reflejos


  • Soporte de conectividad limitada
  • No resistente al agua

Lector electrónico de pantalla sin reflejos con soporte de almacenamiento interno de 32 GB

Lector electrónico resistente al agua Kobo Sage de 8 pulgadas

La pantalla ancha de 8 pulgadas de este e-reader produce una resolución de 1920 x 1440 píxeles y ofrece una buena experiencia de lectura. Una de sus características únicas es la función de luz de fondo que cambia de color, que es muy fácil de regular. La pantalla sin reflejos es ideal para disfrutar de varias horas de actividades de lectura. El procesador de cuatro núcleos garantiza que el dispositivo nunca se ralentice mientras pasa las páginas o revisa sus diversas funciones.

Since this device offers Dropbox support, you can drop in or upload several e-books or documents onto it. The 32GB internal storage support will never let you worry about running out of storage space. The e-reader also offers Stylus support which means you can take notes conveniently while reading an e-book. 

The e-reader boasts of a sturdy waterproof design, which is one of its big selling points. The 1,200mAh battery offers the device a runtime of 20-21 hours which is just about average.


  • It proves to be a good purchase for those who want to own a sturdy e-reader that is built to last.
  • Also a good option for those who wish to have an e-reader that supports the use of a Stylus pen.


  • 32 GB de espacio de almacenamiento interno
  • Ofrece compatibilidad con Stylus
  • pantalla de buena calidad
  • Resistente al agua


  • Soporte de batería inadecuado
  • The design could be improved. 

Lector electrónico a prueba de agua con pantalla táctil sin reflejos de 7 pulgadas

Lector electrónico fácil de sostener Kobo Libra 2

The Kobo Libra 2 features a sophisticated and thoughtful design. It is available in two color options, black and white. The buttons are strategically positioned, and the device is very convenient to manage. Weighing just 0.37 grams, your hands will never feel a sense of fatigue even after holding it for several hours.

The device is equipped with several advanced features, including blue light reduction technology that ensures the user does not feel any strain on their eyes while using it. The 32GB of in-built storage space is sufficient for storing around 24,000 books and several audiobooks. If you use this e-book in an outdoor space and it starts raining suddenly, you will have nothing to worry about, courtesy of its waterproof design.

¿Por qué debería comprar esto?

  • An ideal device for those looking for an e-reader that can accommodate a large number of e-books and offers convenient usage.
  • It is also recommended for those who prefer using compact and lightweight technological devices.


  • Diseño fácil de usar
  • Estructura ligera
  • Diseño impermeable
  • Suficiente espacio de almacenamiento


  • Connectivity support could be stronger
  • Proceso de carga largo

Lector electrónico compacto con configuraciones ajustables

Tableta Kobo Clara HD con pantalla de 6 pulgadas

From its 6-inch wide display screen to 8GB internal storage space, everything about this e-reader spells compact and minimal. The pricing is just right for the kind of features it provides you with. The screen is touch-enabled and very responsive. If you charge the device optimally, it will last you for several weeks.

While this device is easy to carry because of its portable structure, you must ensure it remains far away from water as it does not come with a waterproof design. The e-reader should appeal greatly to those who like devices with multiple customizable settings. While reading an e-book, you will have the option of choosing from more than 50 font sizes.


  • An ideal e-reader for someone who travels extensively and likes to read during long journeys.
  • Also recommended for those who prefer a small-sized screen over a big screen to read e-books.


  • Diseño portátil
  • Económico
  • Pantalla sin reflejos
  • Duración robusta de la batería


  • No es resistente al agua

Libro electrónico de precio moderado con soporte de carga inalámbrica

Libro electrónico Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition con pantalla de 6.8 pulgadas

Despite being a relatively affordable device, the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition comes with several exciting features that make using it thoroughly enjoyable. 

It offers 32GB of storage space, so you will never have to worry about not having enough space to store all your e-books. The 6.8-inch display screen comes with modern features like auto-adjusting front light to ensure a good reading experience.

The display screen also boasts anti-glare technology. Therefore, your eyes will not get strained even if you read an e-book for several hours at a time. One of the highlights of this e-book is that it supports wireless charging. It offers multiple connectivity options, including Bluetooth. If you have an Audible subscription, you can use the app to listen to audio content via this device.

¿Por qué debería comprar esto?

  • Recomendado para personas que desean invertir en un libro electrónico asequible con múltiples funciones útiles.
  • También es adecuado para aquellos que prefieren usar dispositivos que ofrezcan soporte de carga inalámbrica.


  • Precios moderados
  • Pantalla de visualización sin reflejos
  • Suficiente espacio de almacenamiento
  • Fuerte soporte de conectividad


  • It does not support the usage of mobile data
  • No apto para aquellos que buscan 64 GB de espacio de almacenamiento

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En resumen

There are a few factors that you can analyze to make your buying decision less challenging. One of the considerations is, of course, the capacity of the e-reader. This determines how many books you can store on your device. 

The next point to think about is the format in which you plan to save your books. Most gadgets support multiple formats such as PDF, TXT, HTML, and more to cover different book types. However, it is always advisable to check if your reader is compatible with your e-book format. Although not very important, screen size can also be a deciding factor. 


Last but not least, if you plan to use the reader in a place where it is likely to come in contact with water, like a beach or a pool, it is highly recommended that you go for one of the many waterproof e-books readers available.


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