Se revela el paquete de expansión Los Sims 4 'Discover University': clases, dormitorios, clubes y mucho más en la tienda

By November 2019, your Sims character will finally be able to go to college for higher education! It’s just been revealed that the popular games The Sims 4 will be getting a University update the next month. Users will be able to pick out of two Universities in the game for their Sims to attend. The news was released by The Microsoft Store a bit earlier than the official announcement but the latter has also finally been made. The El paquete de expansión Discover University finalmente ha sido anunciado oficialmente y también se ha lanzado un trailer revelador.

Las universidades

Players’ Sims will get to pick where they can to go for higher studies from two different universities – The University of Britechester and the Foxbury Institute. Sims will also be able to decide if they want to live within the campus or off-campus while being able to take classes, ride around campus on their bikes and making new friends in the university. Students can also select their classes from a mixed bag of subjects that will include Biology, Computer Science and even villainy. Apparently, henchmen also need a degree these days, at least in The Sims 4 they do.

Life in the university isn’t going to be a big piece of cake for Sims. They’ll have to make sure they get good grades to pass. Based on their performance in the university, Sims will be better prepped for their careers ahead of them. One noteworthy addition here is that the Sims will now also be able to make careers in the education field after having attended university.

Sims 4 Descubre la universidad

Como dice el viejo refrán, todo trabajo y nada de juego hacen de Jack un niño aburrido. Los Sims tendrán mucho que hacer en las universidades además de los académicos. Habrá muchas actividades extracurriculares en las que los Sims pueden participar, incluido el juego de bebida universitario más popular, el jugo de pong. Existen varios clubes y una sociedad secreta en la universidad too, which you may be asked to join if they’re lucky.

If you choose to live on the campus, you can also decorate your dorm room according to your taste. There’s lots of stuff to personalize your room with, including mini-fridges (for juice) and posters that will also be made available in the store. If you liked tweaking around and customizing smaller apartments in The Sims earlier, you’ll have fun playing around with dorm room interiors.

The hype around Discover University is very high right now, and players can’t wait to get their hands on it. The much-awaited update will roll out on November 15 via Origin.

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